Most common words and n-grams

Below is an irregularly-updated list of the most common words  and n-grams found in the tweets, using the authorship classification from this site. Last update: Dec 5, 2017:

Most common words

     Mr. Trump   His Staff
 1:  the         the 
 2:  to          to 
 3:  a           in 
 4:  and         of 
 5:  is          a 
 6:  of          Trump 
 7:  in          you 
 8:  I           is 
 9:  on          and 
 10: be          on 
 11: for         for 
 12: you         I 
 13: will        great 
 14: it          will 
 15: that        thank 
 16: great       at 
 17: are         with 
 18: have        my 
 19: at          be 
 20: with        by

Most common bigrams (pairs of words)

     Mr. Trump     His Staff
 1:  will be       thank you
 2:  of the        Donald Trump
 3:  in the        of the 
 4:  is a          will be
 5:  a great       in the 
 6:  thank you     to the
 7:  for the       I will
 8:  I will        a great
 9:  to be         make America
 10: to the        great again
 11: it is         at the
 12: on the        is a
 13: I am          for the 
 14: at the        America great
 15: our country   on the 
 16: he is         join me 
 17: the USA       I am
 18: is the        we will
 19: going to      we are 
 20: last night    to be

Most common trigrams (triplets of words)

     Mr. Trump                His Staff
 1:  I will be                America great again
 2:  America great again      make America great
 3:  make America great       thank you for
 4:  one of the               I will be
 5:  think like a             join me in
 6:  will be on               looking forward to
 7:  will be interviewed      thank you to
 8:  all of the               you for your
 9:  art of the               will make America
 10: of the deal              we will make
 11: the United States        the United States
 12: will be a                are going to
 13: the art of               one of the
 14: like a champion          Donald J. Trump
 15: looking forward to       the White House
 16: you have to              we are going
 17: crooked Hillary Clinton  great honor to
 18: be interviewed on        make America safe
 19: a lot of                 will be interviewed
 20: in order to              will be on